But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings as eagles
They shal run and not be weary; They shall walk and not faint
- Isaiah 40 vs 31 -

Acting on a Dream...demonstrating a commitment to National Development.

As Jamaica prepared for the 21st century and beyond, one thing was certain; the quality and availability of education had to be given prompt attention. There was much talk about a revolution in education, in Jamaica. Hyacinth Bennett, former principal of one of Jamaica’s most prestigious schools, Wolmer’s Preparatory, took action to make the change.

After spending twenty years at Wolmer’s Preparatory, in 1992, Hyacinth Bennett took the bold step towards fulfilling her life-long dream…..establishing her own school community.

The introduction and growth of the HYDEL GROUP OF SCHOOLS was fostered by a genuine commitment to offer parents more than just the best education for their children.

Hyacinth Bennett has sought to establish a school system which assists students in acquiring a sense of self worth and unlimited human possibilities “There is an urgent need schools in which our student are disciplined, truly loved, treated as individuals and carefully and consciously facilitated in building and nurturing their self esteem which is an indispensable commodity in the determination of their destiny”, Bennett said.

What will put Hydel Schools, in a class by themselves? According to Hyacinth Bennett, founder and president of the Hydel Schools “the programmes for the Hydel Group of Schools are uniquely structured to provide “something more” than the traditional. Therefore, at Hydel, students benefit from:

· A Special Education Centre
· An Academic Support Centre
· A Remedial Reading Centre
· A Resource Centre
· Enrichment Programmes for the Gifted
· Individualised after-school free-tuition for slow learners
· An emphasis on the problem solving approach to the learning process
· A raft of extra-curricular activities including: swimming, dram, music, speech, dance, netball, basketball, football, volleyball, athletics, Brownies, Cubs, as well as Reading, Spelling, Mathematics and Bible clubs.

Therefore, at all levels students reap the benefits of balanced, individualized programmes which help them to be socially responsible, while at the same tie achieving academic excellence.
Describe as an “exciting new phase in Jamaica’s education system” Hydel Group of Schools consist of:
· Hydel Nursery
· Hydel Pre-School
· Hydel Preparatory
· Hydel Pre-First Form (for students who are not academically ready for Junior High)
· Hydel Junior High
· Hydel Senior High
· Hydel Sixth Form
· Hydle Special Education Centre
· Hydel Remedial Reading Centre
· Hydel Academic Support Centre
· Hydel Evening College for Adults


  • Athletes perform well at All Island Inter-Prep Champs
  • 01/04/04

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    It was the 9th of September 1992, that Hyacinth Bennett opened the Hydel Preparatory School with three hundred students. Then followed the saga of the dramatic growth of the 28 Mannings Hill Road acorn into a remarkable oak tree of a Hydel Group of Schools now located on six and a half acres of beautifully landscaped, spacious grounds at Ferry, St. Catherine, Jamaica W.I.

    As a group of schools, Hydel is comprised of:

    · Hydel Nursery
    · Hydel Pre-School
    · Hydel Preparatory
    · Hydel Pre-First Form
    · Hydel Junior High
    · Hydel Senior High
    · Hydel Sixth Form
    · Hydel Evening College
    · Hydel Remedial Reading Centre
    · Hydel Special Education Centre
    · Hydel Academic Support Centre
    · Hydel Evening College for Adults

    The Hydel experiment in education has now become, not only a significant part of the Jamaican education landscape but in several respects, Hydel is indigenous, most innovative, creative and most dynamic.

    The Hydel education model reflects a philosophy and vision of education that are both daring and revolutionary. As a consequence, whether the child is wheel-chair-bound, learning disabled, a slow learner, a high school dropout , or beyond the traditional school age or indeed, socio-economically challenged, there is a place for such students at Hydel where a wholistic approach to education is the modus operandi.

    On the other hand, as far as Hydel’s entire staff is concerned their roles remain the noblest calling, while understanding that parents have entrusted to them, their most precious resource….. their children……

    to be developed in all their glorious diversities to take up their places in the world, confident, equipped and sufficiently motivated to impact the world for good.

    Very importantly, the main plank on which Hydel is built and continues to be strengthened, is a spiritual one. Indeed Hydel is built, directed and kept by the Master Teacher Himself – the Lord God whose unction provides inspiration, strength and vision for all of Hydel’s endeavours.


    In addition to very impressive CXC performance, the Common Entrance Examination results have been most outstanding, including the awards of three (3) Government Scholarships since Hydel’s inception.

    However, since the inception of the GSAT, the performance of Hydel has been absolutely outstanding. Of the 244 students who have sat the GSAT since its inception, all Hydel students have been awarded the “HIGH” performance category for each subject by the Ministry of Education, exceeding by far both the regional and national levels of performance of government-run schools.

    In addition, in the Ministry of Education’s Grade One Inventory Examination, Grade Three Diagnostic and the Grade Four Literacy Tests, Hydel continues to excel year after year.


    Over the years, Hydel has dominated the festival of Arts Competition, winning countless medals and national awards, including the Ivy Baxter Award for Excellence in 1995. The in house cultural programmes are very strong and include Culturama Day, Jamaica Day, Evening of Excellence etc.

    | SPORTS

    Repeatedly Hydel has excelled as national champions in football, track and field as well as netball and basketball competitions.

    In the annual all-island High School Basketball Competition, Hydel has not only been Runners-up but has been All Island National Champions on two Occasions .
    For Netball, not only has Hydel been Zone Champions, and Runners-up but has been National Champions on three occasions.
    As far as the All Island Football Competitions are concerned, Hydel High has has been three times All Island Champions.
    However, at the Preparatory level, they have been five times zone winners, two times National Runners-up and Three times National Champions.
    Finally in the all island Athletics Competitions the High School has been champions four times, whereas for the Preparatory Division Hydel has been runners-up two times and National Champions three times.
    In addition, Hydel has excelled in yearly Miami Classics.

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